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Type of Incident:Otra Razón — No usar cuando un equipo, jugador, técnico o espectador está involucrado. Usar solamente si el incidente no puede ser clasificado con ninguna de las opciones mencionadas arriba.
Número de Partido:
Date of Incident:2014-01-27
Time of Incident:07:30:00
Location of Incident:NorCal PAD committee
Home Team:
Visiting Team:
Age Group and Gender:U15B
Team Affiliation of Individual Committing Incident:
Incident Summary:Referee entered the wrong club in the send off report.
Comments:Dear Monica,

Please accept our apology as you are correct that your club was not notified about the send off. The name of your team has the Jeventus and the referee mistakenly labeled your club with Jeventus SC and that is why the notification went to Jueventus club and not yours. We will take extra measures in the future to double check what referees are entering into our system to insure that this sort of mistakes does not happen.


Moe Shafai
NorCal PAD Member